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Cold Beer for a Hot Summer Day


Some beers are better choices for the hot summer day--just as some beers are better for cooler weather and cooking it up fresh that same day.

By: Albert W.A. Schmid


By Albert W. A. Schmid

You have been outside all day and the sun seems to be aimed at you through a magnifying glass. You feel as if you are going to burn up! As if a mirage appears in your backyard, your girlfriend exits the backdoor of your house with a cold beer in her hand for you! For that split second all is right in the world. The cold beer begins to sweat in the hot weather. You grab the bottle and take it to your lips in a single sweeping motion. As the beer flows onto your palate you feel a cool rush come over you breaking the heat that held you. With little effort you finish the beer in several gulps. Ahhhh! Cold beer on a hot summer day pair as well as a hot toddy and a lake effect snowstorm. There is nothing better to cure what ills you. However, some beers are better choices for the hot summer day just as some beers are better for cooler weather.

Generally speaking, the best beer for the hot summers day are lagers. The main reason for this is that lagers are served a much lower temperature than ales so they will be more refreshing in a hot summer sun. Lagers also tend to have a higher hop content, which allows the beer to be more refreshing and less filling. You can choose a macro-brewed beer such as Coors, Miller, or Budweiser–all of them lagers–and any of these will "get the job done." However, you might want to try something new. If this is true, you might want to try a Bock. This beer, which shares its name with the "Billygoat" was first produced in Einbeck, Germany. This beer is known for its full-bodied flavor and the sweet aftertaste of malt. Be careful! This beer also has an alcohol content, somewhere between 6.5 and 10 percent.

Another Bock type beer that you might want to try on summer day is the famed Dopplebock. This beer is very similar to Bock, but has an even higher alcohol content. All Dopplebock shares a suffix in common, "ator", so they're easy to find when shopping for them. The most common examples of Dopplebock include Celebrator, Fortunator, Kulmiator and Salvator. Two of these beers and most people are ready to end their day. Or you might want to try an Eisbock or "Ice Beer." This beer is higher alcohol, because the beers temperature is lowered below freezing. Some of the water in the beer forms into ice crystals, which are then skimmed off. This creates a higher alcohol by volume ratio for the beer. Or for an American style beer you might want to try a Steam beer. Steam beer is really the only American style beer on the market today. This style was born in San Francisco during the gold rush. Today this beer style is produced by only a handful of breweriesmost notably Anchor Brewery in San Francisco .

If you don't think that you will like the choices of beer so far because you like the Budweiser style beer you might want to stick with several other styles of beer. For a beer that is closer to what you might be use to (in other words a "normal beer") but still has you experimenting a little, try a real "Pilsner." For a real Pilsner style beer you need to pick up an imported beer from the Bohemian Czech town of Plzen . This beer should in many ways seem very familiar to the beer that you drink. The reason is that all Marco-brewed beer in the United States is based on this style of beer. You will find that several other beers seem very close to Pilsner in color and flavor but are in fact different. For example a Vienna style beer for most people tastes and looks like a Pilsner but it was first made in Vienna . A Munich is another style of beer that can be closely compared with a Pilsner. A Munich style beer is a little darker than a Pilsner and it is a lighter less bitter style than most German beers but it is something that every beer drinker should try.

Finally there is one more beer that you might want to try on a hot summer day, a Witbier or Weizen. Unlike all of the other beers featured in this article Witbier is classified as ale. Something else that is different is that this beer is made from wheat and not barley. However the taste and flavor is very similar to many of the lighter styles of beer with an alcohol level about the same as that of most beer about 5 percent.

Beer is a great drink for the summer! Especially when the beer is cold, the weather is hot and you have been working hard! No matter which beer you choose to have to quench your thirst you will pick a winner. You should try something you have never tried before you might find a new favorite. When you go into the local liquor shop you might want to take a different route to the beer cooler. If you normally approach the beer cooler from the right, this time approach the beer cooler from the left. A beer that you have never tried before might catch your eye and call to you"try me!"

Warnings: 1) Don't drink too much beer without also drinking water because as refreshing as the beer is, it can also act as a diuretic so make sure that you always have plenty of water; 2) Drink the beer after the work is donenot before or duringone alcohol related accident is to many; 3) Do not drink alcohol if you know you are pregnant or you are trying to get pregnant; 4) And, as always, drink responsibly and DO NOT drink and drive!




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