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Learn to cook appetizers with a variety of culinary techniques and ingredients, from shrimp cocktail to brochette you are sure to please every guest.

By: Emily Murray


Appetizer Themed Party Ideas for Your Next Get TogetherAPPETIZER THEMED PARTY IDEAS FOR YOUR NEXT GET TOGETHER

As summer approaches our thoughts turn once again to entertaining our friends and family. For your next get together why not leave the BBQ in the garage and break out a feast of small fare in the way of an appetizer party? Nothing is as pleasing to the eye and the palette as a table covered in an array of single bite dishes. From shrimp cocktail to brochette you are sure to please every guest while learning to cook with a variety of culinary techniques and ingredients.

Break out the Toothpicks

Nice to look at and easy to eat, tooth pick appetizers are a great way to assemble perfect single bites of food. Whether you prefer a classic approach like pigs in a blanket or feel like being adventurous, toothpick items save on dishes and make it easy for your guests to snack while making the rounds of your next get together. Try making mini meals by combining classics like slices of roasted fingerling potatoes with cubes of grilled chicken or small pieces of fillet wrapped in slices of bacon. If you don’t feel like cooking olives, cornichons and pearl onions are perfect for quick colorful spears that your guests are sure to love.

Enjoy the Flavors of Spain with Tapas

Nobody does small bites like the Spanish, impress your guests with classics like miniature egg and potato omelets or anchovies and cheese. Paired with wine or sherry, your guests can dine on dishes of beef and pork meatballs or fried baby squid. For a simple and inexpensive crowd pleaser try patatas bravas, fried potatoes with chili served with a garlicky aioli. From shrimp and mussels to cheese and ham tapas are the perfect way to add a global element to your next get together.

Go Low-brow

For a fun easy party that people of all ages will love try throwing a junk food appetizer party. Fill bowls with all of your guilty pleasure; M&Ms, potato chips, Cheetos and pretzels served with a selection of your favorite beer and you are guaranteed to be the most popular host on your block.

Classic Cheese and Wine

Find a gourmet grocer in your neighborhood and stock up on a variety of cheeses and meats to serve at your next get together. Make sure to assemble an assortment of flavors and textures. Creamy soft goat cheeses served next to hard aged parmesans and cheddars are sure to please and can be accompanied by a variety of fruits, nuts and olives for well rounded party fare. Add a few bottles of red and a variety of breads and crackers and your party will have all the sophistication of your favorite wine bar.

Whether you decide to employ a variety of culinary techniques to create carefully crafted miniature meals or hit up the corner convenient store for ready to serve snacks an appetizer party is guaranteed to be a fun alternative to a sit down dinner. Appetizers have a way of keeping your guests up and socializing so not only will they be enjoying your fantastic selection of food but they will enjoy one another’s company as well. If you would like to learn more about appetizers you can prepare at home, there are a variety of culinary courses geared toward entertaining that are certain to be as informative as they are enjoyable.

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