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A Life Long Affair


For Robert Church, cooking has always been a life long love affair.

“I have a very healthy love for food, whether I'm cooking it, eating it, teaching it, or writing about it,” Church said. “When I was a kid I'd get Chinese cook books for Christmas, would sit for hours devouring Bon Appetit, and then make chicken divan or cottage pie for dinner. When I started cooking for my mom's dinner parties, that clinched it.”
Surprisingly, Church never went to culinary school or attended even one cooking class.
“I watched Graham Kerr, Martin Yan, Jeff Smith, and Julia Child on TV. They inspired me to start cooking and then start teaching, and my students inspired me to keep cooking,” he said. “Teaching taught me to stay cool, stay organized, and be original.”
Church has acted as the primary culinary instructor at Wild Oats-Glendale, Wild Oats-Capitol Hill, and Wild Oats Washington Park. He has twice been guest chef at Dazzle Supper Club, and has appeared at The Taste of Colorado.
During the last seven years, Church has presented the finest international vegetarian food to the Denver area.
“Being a vegetarian certainly separates me from a lot of chefs,” he said. “I just do what I do, introducing traditional food from all over the planet to people that perhaps wouldn't otherwise have the chance to try it.”
Church continues to work around the Denver area, cooking for many events and parties in the area, as well as continuing to educate others.
“The act of transforming a pile of ingredients into something beautiful and delicious is my favorite thing,” he said. “The process to me was, and of course continues to be, incredibly romantic and soul-satisfying. The bonus was other people really enjoying what I cooked, the way the dining room would fall silent when everyone tucked into their food.” 

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